About Us

Polish Cuisine "Goose"

Polish cuisine "Goose" is the restaurant created in the center of Kraków distric Pogórze-in front of Podgorski Market Square on Limanowskiego 1street. It's the perfect place for people who want to spend time with friends, acquaintances, family, and for people who appreciate the timeless taste of Polish cuisine and intimate atmosphere. This place was created for you by the owners of company Polskie Nastroje - Ola and Peter.

The restaurant specializes in Polish cuisine and in particular: goose meat, potato pancakes, or dish made of roasted flour and water, served in the form of dumplings called "Prażuchy"


We serve unique, traditional dishes made of goose, such as own production goose pate served with Krakow bagels and cranberry jam, salad with goose meat, goose broth with homemade noodles, goose breast marinated in bison grass and roasted goose served on cabbage. Polish goose meat is an organic meat of the highest quality. Goose meat delights with taste, fragility and delicacy, and above all it is considered to be a healthy food.

Potato pancakes

Served in 10 different ways, as a Polish peasant cuisine - simple, poor, but at the same time easy to prepare, tasty and satiating. Potato pancakes in our restaurant as most of the dishes are fried in goose fat, which gives them a unique flavor. Goose fat is known in Polish cuisine for centuries, due to its extraordinary features and taste. Goose lard is classified as healthiest animal fat. It also reduces levels of bad LDL cholesterol.

Prażuchy - Dish made of roasted flour and water, served in the form of dumplings

Forgotten dish of Polish cuisine, known by many names - prażoki or dusicha, porka, fusier, lemieszka and even psiocha. One of the variants of this dish due to the efforts of Housewives of Podlesice (province of Silesia) was inscribed on the List of Traditional Products under the graceful name of 'Dumplings Połom bite'.

The dish is served in our restaurant in two ways: with cracklings and onion or with beef stew.

Polish dishes

Specially prepared according to reliable home recipes of traditional Polish dishes, among which should be distinguished tomato soup with batter noodles and pork chop with the bone fried in butter.


It is impossible to mention all the dishes. You should just come and taste.

Instead of salads added to each dishes we have pickles and sauerkraut straight from the community Charsznica.